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Pricing plans for every size organization

For franchises and small businesses with small teams
$ 249 Year
For hiring managers and recruiters with growing teams
$ 200 Month
For large organizations and high volume recruitment teams
$ 200+ Month


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Dedicated recruitment phone number

Interview Now analytics dashboard

2-Factor security for candidates

Candidate tracking and rating

Career's listing page

Candidate export to csv


English or Spanish interview templates

Data-rich candidate profiles

Candidate ranking algorithm

Google jobs integration

Mobile friendly job post pages

Phone and email support



Customer Support

Interview Now is more than just a recruiting tool.

We’re in this together. Your success is our success! Our customer support and service teams are here to answer your questions and ensure you get the most out of Interview Now. In addition, we have detailed help documentation and free hiring resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be getting text-messages from job seekers?

Nope! Interview Now is 100% automated. All of the text-message interactions are with the system. In fact, you can fully customize your interview questions to your hiring needs. Interview Now will conduct the interview on your behalf and send you the results right to your inbox.

What is the dedicated recruitment phone number?

Great question! It is not your personal or company phone number. We provide every client with their own phone number with an area code of their choice. The number makes it really easy for candidates to engage with your organization and simultaneously begins the interview process.

Can I use this with another system? Do you integrate?

Absolutely! Leverage campaign to send job seekers staright to your ATS. We also allow you to easily export candidate interviews into a .csv which can be uploaded into another system. We are researching the best tools to integrate with for our customers. Have a system you’d love to see us work with? Let us know! Contact Us

Where do the candidates come from?

We do not advertise your job on job sites. We want to be the best at a few things: making it extremely easy for candidates to engage with your organization, convert candidates through engaging follow-ups, and text-message interviewing. We do currently push jobs into the Google Jobs feed and are considering further distribution.

Who comes up with the interview questions?

You do! The questions can be fully customizable to your requirements. There are three different question categories including numeric, free, and yes/no. The total question limit is 20 questions and 140 characters per each question. If you need help with question creation we have plenty of free Interview Templates.

How quickly can I get started? What type of support can I expect?

We can have your account set up in less than 30 minutes. We do provide a complimentary 15-minute on boarding training session after sign up. We are dedicated to making this a hiring success for your business. We have phone and email support along with a Resource Center to ensure you are successful.

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