How we help improve your mobile recruiting strategy

Interview qualified candidates instantly

Speak to the best candidates on the phone when they are engaged, not next week


Meaningfully get to know your candidates quickly

Create dialogue templates and interview job seekers from their mobile phones


Recruit mobile job seekers to your ATS

Use conversational A.I. to recruit mobile candidates for your open roles


Identify key recruiting metrics that measure results

We’ll automatically calculate how much you pay for each candidate and where they come from

Our approach for mobile job seekers

Make it easy and engaging

Texting is easy for mobile candidates. Data collection is instant and if they go idle we follow up after 3 minutes to ensure high conversion.

Skip the B.S. and speak to qualified candidates immediately

We can dynamically assess candidate responses from your criteria and connect them with you during business hours. We’ll reschedule a call back if it isn’t.

Automate your pre-screening

Mobile interviews let candidates reply to your questions as if they were speaking to you. This saves hours of time and gives you the information you need to decide on next steps.

Measure your recruiting performance

We track where your candidates are coming from, how many years of experience they have, and how much they cost per referral source.