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As easy as sending a text…

We provide your company with a dedicated recruiting phone number with an area code of your choice. In just one text job seekers can interview on the spot in English or Spanish through text. Our system is 100% automated and will respond 24/7.


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The easiest way for job seekers to convert to candidates

Hiring automation

Place your Interview Now phone number on your storefront, cocktail menus, receipts, tailgate, job posts, checkout counter, etc. We’ll make it extremely easy for job seekers to start interviewing (now) right from their mobile phone. Per your requirements, we’ll score and rank them on their interview against all the other job seekers and collect their résumé.

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Interview Now and SXSW partnership

Interview Now and SXSW team up in a strategic partnership for the SXSW Job Market and Job Board. The event, an essential destination for global professionals, features sessions, showcases, screenings, exhibitions, and a variety of networking opportunities. Interview for in demand jobs now via the SXSW Job Board.


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More candidates and less headache

Make sending in an application as easy as sending a text message. With fewer barriers to entry, your candidate flow will grow exponentially.

“Text messages have a 98% open rate, while email has only a 20% open rate.” -Mobile Marketing Watch

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Save Time

Interviews are instant and at the convenience of the job seeker; no desktop needed-complete anytime, anywhere on any mobile phone

Save Money

Average salary and benefits (Glassdoor) in the US for a recruiter is $50k; 30 minutes of his or her time is $12.50; 30 minutes for 50 people is $625

Help Eliminate Bias

Inability to see or hear the candidate inhibits judgement of speech or accent and appearance

Have a Record

Documented interview to support hiring decisions, we aren’t replacing interviews, just augmenting

Three Simple Steps

Post your job

Enter in standard job information including the job title, description, location, contract type, and category.


Select from our templates or build a custom tailored interview to have with each candidate.

Review Results

Review and rate interviews, résumés, and candidate profile's.

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