Hiring Automation

 In just one text, start interviewing your front and back of house staff through automation.

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As easy as sending a text…

We provide your company with a dedicated recruiting phone number with an area code of your choice. In just one text job seekers can interview on the spot in English or Spanish through text. Our system is 100% automated and will respond 24/7.

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Interview guests now.

Instant engagement

Interview guests with a custom tailored dialogue at the check-out stand or while they visit at your restaurant, bar, or café.

High quality leads

Your customers are evangalists and also knowledge centers. Provide a better experience by hiring your very own product experts.

Online career site

Interview in store guest or online job seekers. Your career site and Interview Now dashboard is a one-stop shop for interviewing, tracking, and managing candidates all in one place.

restaurant, bars, and cafés

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