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Landscaper Job Description

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landscaper job description

Landscaper Job Description Template


Job Title: Landscaper






[INSERT BUSINESS] is looking for a landscaper to join our team. Your job is to comfortably operate lawn maintenance equipment such as lawn mowers, trimmers, and blowers.

The ideal candidate will ensure the growth and vibrancy of our client’s plants, lawn, flowers, and decorative shrubs. You will water, fertilize, and prune to remove damaged or dying plant life. You can expect to work outdoors in a mix of weather conditions, and be able to perform maintenance duties to ensure employee safety during poor weather by removing debris, snow, and ice from communal walkways and spaces.




Water plants and lawn, and ensure plants are evenly covered

Operate push or riding lawnmowers; may operate heavier equipment if needed

Spread fertilizer, plant food, mulch, and other materials around plants

Operate string trimmer and edger to remove overgrowth and keep outdoor area tidy

Remove weeds and dead plants; prune overgrown limbs and leaves

Use leaf blower to clear walkways and after lawn maintenance

Treat lawn and landscape areas with pesticides to remove harmful insects

Maintain the existing landscaping design and ensure plant survival

Plant new flowers, bushes, plants, and decorative shrubs

Remove tree limbs, overgrowth, and other hazards

Oversee maintenance repairs to equipment, landscape structures, and hardscape walkways

Properly store and handle all equipment, tools, sprinklers, etc.




Must be able to operate lawn maintenance equipment such as lawnmowers, string trimmers, leaf blowers, hedge trimmers, etc.

Valid Driver License

Excellent communication skills

Positive attitude

Minimum [INSERT YEARS] of landscape irrigation construction and/or maintenance operations




You will be compensated by [INSERT COMPENSATION].




All of our full-time employees receive [INSERT BENEFITS].


New Hire Bonus:


All new hires will receive a [INSERT BONUS] bonus after staying [INSERT BONUS DURATION].

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