Irrigation Technician Job Description

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Irrigation Technician Job Description

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irrigation technician job description

Irrigation Technician Job Description Template


Job Title: Irrigation Technician






[INSERT BUSINESS] is looking for an irrigation technician to join our team. Your job is to maintain the irrigation equipment assigned to your specific area. This equipment can include sprinklers, water lines, pumps, suction devices, valves and other plumbing equipment. You must possess advanced knowledge of landscape maintenance operations, practices, and equipment while maintaining excellent customer service and communication skills with employees, clients, vendors, and management.




Program sprinkler controllers

Repair and replace valves

Installation, mainteance, repair, and troubleshooting of all irrigation systems

Make recommendations for additional services to clients




Knowledge of Back-flows, valves, clocks, distribution uniformity and irrigation parts

Valid Driver License

Excellent communication skills

Positive attitude

Minimum [INSERT YEARS] of landscape irrigation construction and/or maintenance operations




You will be compensated by [INSERT COMPENSATION].




All of our full-time employees receive [INSERT BENEFITS].


New Hire Bonus:


All new hires will receive a [INSERT BONUS] bonus after staying [INSERT BONUS DURATION].

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