CDL Truck Driver Job Description

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CDL Truck Driver Job Description

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CDL Truck Driver Overview

A truck driver’s primary responsibility is to transport and deliver finished goods and raw materials over land to and from manufacturing plants or retail and distribution centers. Truck drivers deliver goods while operating a tractor-trailer truck, sometimes over intercity, state, or regional routes. In addition to trasnport, truck drivers load and unload cargo, take orders, and keep a log of amount and type of cargo being delivered.

CDL Truck Driver Salary:


  • CDL Truck Drivers earn an average wage of $19.31 per hour.
  • Hourly Rate $14.83 – $25.49
  • Overtime $20.53 – $36.13

CDL Truck Driver Job Description Template


Job Title: CDL Class [INSERT LICENSE] Truck Driver






[INSERT BUSINESS] is looking for a CDL [INSERT CLASS] truck driver to join our team. We are currently looking to fill a [INSERT ROUTE]. You will operate a commercial motor vehicle to transport client freight in a safe, legal, and efficient manner in accordance with government laws and regulations.  Provide excellent client service through on-time and damage-free freight delivery.  The driver will be responsible for driving to and from designated locations as required to meet client needs.




Drive commercial motor vehicle (truck) to transport and deliver freight

Can read and speak the English language sufficiently to converse with management, clients, employees, the general public, and law enforcement (49 CFR § 391.11)

Maintain contact with dispatch or supervisor to receive instructions or be dispatched to new locations

Maintain driver logs compliant with state and federal regulations (49 CFR § 395)

Performs pre- and post-trip vehicle inspections per regulation and procedure, and maintains associated records as required

Maintain shipping paperwork records of materials/products transported

Obtain client signature for goods delivered, accurately noting “shipper load and count” status, delivery condition, and seal status

Assists in loading and unloading truck manually if required

Capable of driving up to 11 hours per day and being on duty up to 14 hours per day when required

Meet the driver qualification safety standards and responsibilities established by Safety & Compliance

Remain compliant with government laws and regulations at all times




Must have [INSERT YEARS] or greater previous driving experience in the type of equipment to be operated

High School diploma, GED, or equivalent work experience

Valid Class [INSERT LICENSE] CDL License with current medical card certification

Must not have previous 3-year employer history of failed or refused drug/alcohol tests

Have a clean PSP/MVR report




You will be compensated by [INSERT COMPENSATION].




All of our full-time employees receive [INSERT BENEFITS].


New Hire Bonus:


All new hires will receive a [INSERT BONUS] bonus after staying [INSERT BONUS DURATION].

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