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Engage and convert

Create custom and engaging mobile recruiting workflows flows for modern job seekers and funnel them to an interview, your application or your ATS

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intelligent Mobile interviews

Interview and assess

Discover the best qualified candidates through intelligent mobile interviews powered by our proprietary algorithm

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Identify and escalate

For hard to fill positions or high priority roles, Handoff will connect you with job seekers instantly over a phone call

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Interview now dashboard

Manage your workflow

Stages are automatically organized by job title so that you always know what’s going on and can quickly make hiring decisions.


Keep track of every interviewed candidate

Rate, track, and manage candidates through a modern applicant tracking system

Drag and drop candidates from different stages while keeping an overview of your pipeline.

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Make better decisions with more information

Know where your candidates are located, how much they would like to make, and more.

View résumés, score, and rate candidates all from one place.

Free hiring resources

Interview Questions

Interview templates that identify the best candidates

Job Descriptions

Complete job description templates

Interview Now Blog

How to tutorials, HR Templates, and more...

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Autonomous, mobile recruiting

An autonomous mobile recruiting tool that can make a huge impact and a support team that can't wait to help you

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