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Product features

Engage candidates, interview, and track.

Features - Desktop

Build Pipeline.

Your Interview Now phone number is the best entry point for higher conversions of qualified candidates.

``As easy as sending a text...`` In one text candidates can begin interacting with your brand, interviewing on the spot

With a text-message entry point, candidate's that don't convert can be followed up with an enticing Interview Now drip campaign

Recruit evangelists from your social media, storefront, or other free applicable marketing points

Interview Now is integrated with Google Jobs. All of your jobs will automatically be pushed to Google for further exposure at no extra cost.

The interview.

Create an interview that eliminates your 15-minute phone screen with our algorithm

Before we begin any interview, we verify each candidate for you through 2-factor security

Each interview begins with a personalized greeting to each candidate with your job and company details

Job seekers are stack ranked by the Interview Now algorithm to showcase the top candidates, per your requirements

Have a multilingual work force? Hablamos Español 🙂


Rate, track and manage candidates through a modern applicant tracking system.

Drag and drop candidates from different stages while keeping an overview of your pipeline

Review interviews and résumés together; rate candidates or disqualify them instantly

View all candidates that interview in a filterable list


Share your interview seamlessly on job sites, through email, or anywhere on the web.

Embed the Interview Now button into your job posts with a simple copy paste

Send applicants an interview invitation after they apply to your job

For easy candidate migration, export candidates instantly to a .csv file

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Features - Career Site

Career’s site and “help wanted”.

Make it easy for candidates to interview by utilizing your career's site on your website or business Facebook page

List all of your jobs and interview candidates directly from your business Facebook page

We've upgraded the help wanted sign, place our Interview Now sign in your storefront to interview candidates effortlessly

Your career's site is mobile optimized and looks great on any device

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