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Here is our Dishwasher job description template. Utilize this job description on job boards and career websites. Feel free to make changes to better fit your needs. Need other restaurant, bar, or cafe job descriptions? Check out our Job Description Templates.

Dishwasher job description

Dishwasher Job Description


[INSERT BUSINESS] is looking for a Dishwasher to join our kitchen staff and BOH team. Your job is to maintain cleanliness for our guests. Your responsibilities will include collecting used utensils, dishes, and plates, properly loading dishwasher machines and restocking clean items to their appropriate places. This is one of the most important BOH responsibilities. We are looking for motivated team players that can effectively communicate with BOH, FOH, and are coachable. Your overall goal is to provide our guests with an exceptional dining experience. You will be compensated by [INSERT COMPENSATION]




Collect all dirty kitchenware from bussers and servers

Properly load kitchenware and glasses into dishwashers

Hand wash delicate items i.e. cutting boards, oversized pots, and China

Store all clean kitchenware and glasses in their appropriate places

Always make sure there are enough clean glasses and kitchenware

Frequently check on the washing machines operation and report any issues immediately

Throw out trash and place linens in their appropriate places

Comply with local and national food and beverage regulations

Restock cleaning supplies and detergents



[INSERT YEARS] minimum experience as a dishwasher

Excellent time management skills

Positive attitude

Exceptional knowledge of sanitation rules


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