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Our initial project was Trommelo. We created a head-to-head job competition platform for recruiting. Mimicking professional sports try-outs, we designed a platform to host job competitions – companies added technical questions and candidates answered in a head-to-head virtual competition room. Competitions simulated competitive environments showing the top candidates based off of skill and speed, if you’ve seen The Social Network, it was similar to this scene (minus the alcohol): Job Competition.

The job competitions yielded high-quality candidates; however, it was not convenient for job seekers to attend. Having to sign up for something and wait at least 30 minutes to participate can be challenging to work around. We wanted to take the same concept of Trommelo but, completely focus on making it convenient and easy for the job seekers.

We moved from head-to-head competitions to mobile interviews. We wanted our clients to get the top candidates but, make it as easy as possible for the job seekers. Instead of scheduling head-to-head competitions, they could answer a text-message interview instantly, the second they applied. Mobile also made the experience more conversational, the candidate experience was more human.

We launched our first iteration of Interview Now at the SXSW Job Market in 2017 as SXSW’s partner to manage the hiring experience. We noticed that the interview times of candidates was significantly longer than we expected. Mobile messaging was giving the company and the candidate a new form of communicating which yielded deeper more authentic responses.

We knew we were on to something when our first candidates landed jobs; simultaneously, the feature requests came in. We spent the entire year developing important functionality like our candidate algorithm, Spanish interviews, and Google Jobs integration. We began offering Interview Now in early 2018. 10,000 messages later we now have clients spanning many different industries across the United States.

We are very passionate about improving the recruiting experience through mobile. We believe the recruiting process parallels the sales process and should be much more similar than it is today. We are on a mission to provide the best candidate experience through text messaging with the most effective text message interviews.

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