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Small Business Online Marketing and Lead Generation Tools for Under $400

Here is our list of our small business online marketing tools that we think are awesome for Online Marketing and Lead Generation all under $400

Marketing is hard! We’ve put together some tools that we have used first hand ourselves. If you have any questions about our list of small business online marketing tools – please do not hesitate to reach out!

Zenreach  (link)

If you have a physical storefront and do not use Zenreach you are setting money on fire. Zenreach uses wifi to generate leads and market to customers automatically. Have you ever been to an airport that prompts for your email address before giving access to wifi? That is what Zenreach does on the front end. On the back end,  Zenreach tracks customers by their MAC address and will send marketing emails automatically. When an email blast is sent out Zenreach can track “Walk Through” rates and show if your email prompted customer engagement. Zenreach provides a loyalty program called “Smart Messages” that will send emails based on loyalty. For example: If a customer comes 5 times to your business, Zenreach can send any discount or offer a business owner wants to reward their loyal customer. Last but not least, Zenreach sends UNLIMTED e-mails. UNLIMTED. No extra cost if you have to blast off to 40k. PRICE – $200/Month.

LeadIn (link)

Marketing is also about lead generation. In addition to obtaining emails from wifi (above), what other ways are quick and easy to grow your list? LeadIn by HubSpot, collects e-mails or other lead information via a pop-up form on your website. Have a newsletter? Interested in closing more leads from your site? LeadIn is the way to go, if you refresh this page, you’ll see my LeadIn form in the bottom right corner. PRICE – FREE.

Yoast (link)

SEO is foreign to many people but, critical for achieving high rankings with search engines. If you are using WordPress, Yoast is the best option. Yoast will scan each post/page and let you know how to optimize your content for the web. The instructions are pretty clear and the results work. PRICE – FREE.

Later (link)

If you are using Instagram to post content for your business or personal page, we highly recommend Later. Later allows for users to save, schedule, and post content via their web application. For most people, cranking out 15 Instagram posts via the phone is cumbersome and annoying. With Later, you can craft all of your posts on a keyboard and big screen monitor. One of the other features we like about Later is it shows what content you have already used. PRICE – FREE 15 posts.

Grammarly (link)

Whenever you are writing content it’s important to use the proper grammar and catch spelling errors. With Grammarly, you can add the extension to Google Chrome and it will catch any grammatical errors as you type. Grammarly is free but, with their premium version they provide a plagiarism checker. PRICE – FREE

Facebook + Instagram (link)

Utilizing paid advertisements on social platforms can be very UNREWARDING. We have found that it is best to utilize paid ads on targeted lists. When pushing a sponsored ad there is a section that asks about demographics. We find it best to upload a custom list of e-mails for the demographics. This way you are cross-referencing the e-mails of customers you already have with Facebook accounts and serving them up the content. In addition, you are only paying for clicks. This will cost much less and serve up ads to the right people. PRICE – $PAY PER CLICK. ($300~ RECOMMENDED).

Bitly  (link)

Tracking data is important! Bitly converts URL’s into “Bitly tiny URLs” and provides tracking in their dashboard. If you have a new promotion, product, or web content, it’s important to see how people interact with what you are sharing. I find it very useful to A/B test networks. Let’s say you are selling tickets for an event. If you convert the ticket URL into a Bitly URL and share on 5 different platforms, you will see where the customers came from. This may not seem as important for free networks but, if you are paying to push this content, it will show you exactly where you need to invest your money. PRICE – FREE.

Google Analytics (link)

Data needs to be measured. Google Analytics is the staple to check visits and interaction on your website. A very basic way to use Google Analytics is to measure visits after new content or email blasts go out. It’s important to know what content is most interesting and when they view. PRICE – FREE.