[CUSTOMER SUCCESS] – Small Business hiring via Craigslist (Door Pros, SF)

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Door Pros hiring via Craigslist

[CUSTOMER SUCCESS] – Small Business hiring via Craigslist (Door Pros, SF)

It’s difficult for small business owners to successfully setup an affordable and effective hiring program. There is no budget to hire an in-house recruiter and 100% of the time, the owner or manager of the business ends up doing all of the work. If for any reason an employee leaves the business, the business owner needs to jump in and fill the void, restarting this hiring cycle. At what cost does this affect the bottom line? It depends on the business but, it can be hundreds or thousands a month. Are you a small business owner? How much would you lose in revenue after a week, if one of your employees left tomorrow? In addition to money lost, lets add in the time to draft the job post, go through resumes, schedule interviews, and then interview…yikes! Here is a quick overview of a business utilizing Interview Now while hiring via Craigslist.

Let’s take a look at how Door Pros Garage Door Company utilized Interview Now to successfully hire a new technician. Door Pros used Craigslist ($75/job) which is the go-to job board for hiring local talent in the Bay Area.

  1.  Door Pros created an effective custom text message interview template with Interview Now Interview Now
  2. Door Pros posted their job on Craigslist with a link to their Interview now job post (image 1 is Craigslist, image 2 is the link “Door Pros Application”)Interview Now Job Description
  3. Candidates interviewed on their mobile phones in under 90 seconds
  4. Door Pros reviewed interviews Interview Now - Results
  5. Door Pros held interviews on location based on the initial text message interview
  6. Door Pros hired 🙂

There are several highlighting points that streamlined this process for them

  • Automation. Once the interview is created, Door Pros reviewed interviews and resumes as applicants applied.
  • Candidate experience. Door Pros appreciated how simple and affective it was for candidates to apply. After a candidate fills out just a few fields, Interview Now is interviewing on behalf of Door Pros, creating an engaging interview dialogue with candidates.
  • Tracking. All candidates can be ranked and moved to different hiring stages.
  • Exposure. Door Pros connected their Job Board to their Facebook page for more online exposure.

Hiring shouldn’t be difficult and we are making small businesses a priority.

If your business is hiring via Craigslist or you’re interested in seeing how Interview Now can help you, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at rob@interviewnow.io